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DLead Masters

As fundraisers, we know better than anyone that time is money.

There’s nothing more frustrating than sitting through a professional development session that’s poorly executed, or doesn’t match your skill set.

That’s why we created DLead Masters. These carefully curated courses are guaranteed to advance your skills and help you unlock your potential. Our courses meet you where you are, and are custom-designed to match your skills and experience level. All instructors are DLead vetted and approved. Whether you’re looking for a “101” how-to class or want to level up your current skill set, DLead Masters has you covered.

Sample Courses:

Engaging Your Board in Development

Using AI to Enhance Fundraising

Build a Fundraising Machine

DLead Select

All DLead members are eligible for DLead Select, a subsidy you can use for other professional development opportunities as you wish: i.e. an online course or one-on-one coaching. This additional boost is made possible by generous support from the Schusterman Family Foundations. Professional development is a continuous, year round journey, and DLead is here to support you whenever, however.

Contact Us

Fill out the form with any questions or to be in touch with a member of the DLead team about how DLead can advance your career.

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